TopBet Review, Is Special?

TopBet Review, Is Special?



TopBet is a gambling site. Most other sites focus on just the online casino experience. That means Black Jack, Poker, Texas hold’em, and Omaha. You can also include all the slots as well. TopBet has over 100 different casino games. This site doesn’t only do one thing well. TopBet also focuses mostly on sports betting.

Having full sports betting and casino makes it easy for TopBet to be a place you can play all day and night. Sign Up NOW!

I am going to go over the good and bad of TopBet.

TopBet Review

TopBet does not have any sister sites unlike some of the other sites I have reviewed. But this is why it is surprising that there is very little missing to this site. From a visual standpoint, the site looks good. Sign Up NOW!

You might be wondering who can play on this site. Well, it looks like they are pretty open to most English speaking countries as the site is in English.
TopBet makes it easy to deposit money with 5 different ways to do so. But since the company is located out of the states you should really call your bank or credit card company so they don’t block the deposit.

As a new customer TopBet offers deposit bonuses. There are quite a few but I will only go over a couple. TopBet offers a percentage match based on how my you deposit.

  • $50 – $99.99=50%
  • $100 – $199.99=75%
  • $200 – $1,000=100%

This is really awesome when you first get started. So Sign Up NOW! If you don’t have a lot to deposit make sure you go for the $200 so that you get at least get the 100% matching.

If you like sports betting TopBet offers different nights where they give you $10 to bet on a game. You might be thinking right now that you can just do the $1000 deposit and have it matched then withdraw the money. That is not the case. TopBet has rollover requirements that say you need to bet your deposit and your bonus 25 times before you can cash out.

That might seem like a lot but they are still a casino and the house always wins right…

Alternatively, you can always opt-out of the rollover by contacting them and they will remove your bonuses and you will be able to play as you wish.

What is Offered at TopBet?


TopBet allows you to bet on all major sports, but I don’t think I saw cricket. So, sorry if you are a cricket fan. Some of the sports offer both professional and college. When it comes to the casino games there are more than I want to list out. I give you the general listing though.

  • Video Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Slot Machines
  • Table Games
  • 3D Games

They Have History, Yikes!

They worked with FutureBet from 2002 to 2011. The problem was that FutureBet managed everything for them. They handled everything from the software to all the way to payment processing.

It was the payment processing that got TopBet in trouble. This was a mistake.

They should have known better. But no operator knew until it was too late. No surprise but FutureBet had no problem processing deposits. What they did have a problem with is processing the payouts.

They took the money and never gave it back. So the operator and customer got screwed at the same time.

TopBet can’t be blamed completely. Though they learned a hard-taught lesson, they messed up. So here we are today. Something obviously has changed.

New management took over after taking a few years off between 2011-2012. They made the decision correct decision this time. They decided to handle their own payment processing.

Sadly they still took a misstep in my opinion. They decided to continue using FutureBet’s software.

That’s crazy right, after everything that happened.

TopBet should want nothing to do with FutureBet. FutureBet stole more than one million dollars from their customers. This includes both online gamblers and other operators. And they did this for close to a decade.

Gambling sites make a lot of money. It would be a safer bet to just create your own platform. This did not happen.

This is what makes this review hard. TopBet has made their bed and is laying with FutureBet. So let us hope that the platform holds up. But at least we know TopBet made the better decision to handle the process of the payments somewhere else.

This is the only reason this can make any sense. FutureBet is still having cashout problems.

I just needed to get that out of the way. TopBet still has plenty to offer.

Get ready to Play at TopBet!

So in short TopBet is a good site if you want a good mix of sports betting and casino activities. They have been around since 2011 so they have years of stability. One of the new hot trends is to offer transactions in bitcoin. TopBet has not jumped on that train just yet. Again all in all a good site and you will be hard pressed to find a lot of terrible user reviews for TopBet.

So don’t hesitate and Sign Up NOW!


Signing off- “In Luck”